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30. oktober 2019. onsdager 19.15-20.15 (2 plass igjen)

1600,- 10 timer


Yoga for men, a course designed to increase men's flexibility, stability, sports performance, mindfulness, and overall stress-relief.

Men often have misconceptions that yoga is only for women; or that one has to be flexible to do yoga, etc. Flexibility is an outcome of yoga, not a prerequisite. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga; it’s actually the most basic postures—not the fancy positions—that provide you with the foundation of flexibility and strength that every man needs.

Why should men do yoga?

Men’s Fitness Magazine and U.S. News report that yoga has many benefits:

- Improves Digestion, Food Cravings, Creativity and Overall Brain 
- Functioning Boosts Immunization
- Improves Quality of Sleep
- Better Quality and Quantity of Sexual Intimacy
- Relieves Stress
- Become Flexible
- Builds More Muscle Prevents Workout Injuries Calms your Mind - Improves Work Efficiency

Why small size class 
We aim to provide small group class, which combines the energy of a group class and the personalised attention of a private class. In a small size class (5-9), we ensure that each student gets noticed. Students and teachers can often work together one-on-one, which gives teachers the opportunity to customize guidance to the particular needs of the students. 

About Ying Guo 
Ying has dedicated herself to the practice, study, and instruction of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 2008. She had her first yoga teacher training education in China, and has been to Mysore, India few times to practice Ashtanga yoga with Saraswathi and David Roche. She has taught yoga in China, Belgium, Greece, and now in Norway.
As a student of traditional Vinyasa yoga, Ying’s classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail, and mindfulness. With an emphasis on both alignment and steady connection to the breath, she offers detailed verbal explanation and expert hands-on adjustment to help her students find an enjoyable experience in their practice.

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